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An Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) to switch from stress to success

The result of this masterclass is a personal ABS system with which you can switch from stress to succes and from powerlessness to influence



Disposing of a personal anti-lock braking system which allows you to automatically switch from pre-programmed stress reactions to a fully automatical ABS system with which you switch effortlessly:

  • from powerlessness to influence
  • from negative to positive emotions
  • from frustration to a breakthrough
  • from stress to new success

What would that mean for you?

How would you like it to get help from me in order to:

  • dispose of a mindset with which you eliminate mental barriers
  • make top achievements predictable without overuse
  • be able to switch from negative to positive emotions?

A personal ABS system in case of powerlessness and stress

In this masterclass you design a personal ABS system with which you switch automatically from

  • the survival software in the left hemisphere of the brain containing pre-programmed stress reactions and negative results to the
  • success software located in the right hemisphere of the brain containing proactive actions with positive results

“In the last 23 years René has trained more than 1.250 organizations and 44.000 participants”

What is the definition of a Mindset for Success?

Mindset for success is the ability to transform powerlessness and stress to influence and new success.

Why does Mindset for Success ask for a method?

  1. The brain switches automatically to the survival software containing pre-programmed stress reactions in cases of powerlessness and stress
  2. The switch from negative to positive emotions needs:
  • A change of focus: to what do you grant your energy and attention?
  • A personal ABS system: an anti-blockage system that prevents you from going into your normal stress pattern.

What are the consequences of powerlessness and stress?


  1. Restlessness
  2. Irritation
  3. Decrease in self care
  4. Tendency to run away
  5. Increasing insecurity

Which consequences do you experience?

The ‘Mindset for Change’ method: from Stress to Success in seven steps


1. Detect stress

2. Unveiling your mental saboteurs in your survival brain, such as:

  • the perfectionist, who says you are not good enough yet to step into your zone of success.
  • the judge, who focusses on mistakes and compares to others who succeed.
  • The victim, who blames problems on aspects outside of your influence and says that you do not have the capacity to change your situation.
  • The procrastinator, who says that the scarcity of your time determines your priorities and that that is why you do not have time for larger goals.

3. Dethrone your mental saboteurs in order to completely eliminate them

4. Replace your pre-programmed stress reactions to powerlessness and stress by a personal ABS system

5. Make the switch from negative to positive emotions

6. Make use of the decision-maker and the actor as mental supporters:

  • The decision-maker acts upon your goals
  • The actor takes his first action within 24 hours.

7. Prepare high achievements by simultaneously using your focus, energy and mindset.

Programme and investment


The incompany training Mindset for Change takes two days from 09:00 till 16:00.


Your investment to create a Mindset for Success in every participant is € 650 excluding tax per participant.

The minimum number of participants is 8 and the maximum is 12.

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