Speed Reading – Incompany – English

A method to read quickly and carefully in 6 steps from screens and paper

The result of this masterclass will be a measurable increase in concentration, memory and processing speed of complex information.


That you dispose of a system which allows you to rapidly process information in order for you as an attorney, lawyer, judge, consultant, interim manager, civil servant, scientist or knowledge worker to read more effectively while preserving your understanding.

And that you eliminate the following speed limiters:

  • Re-reading
  • Low concentration
  • No method to memorize rapidly
  • Pronouncing words in your head

No pressure

In my method speed is not a goal but a logical consequence of the elimination of speed limiters.

In general, we think ten times as fast as we read. That makes that we are easily distracted when reading at a slow pace.

Speed reading is a very natural way of reading, which uses more of the brain’s overcapacity.

What would that mean to you?

How would you like it to be helped by me to

  1. eliminate the speed limiters in your brain
  2. read very rapidly from screens and paper
  3. quickly summarize complex information
  4. quickly grasp the essence from large dossiers and textbooks
  5. transform your iPad, tablet, smartphone, mac or pc into a speed reading tool

“In the last 23 years René has trained more than 1.250 organizations and 44.000 participants”

Who is the trainer?

René has trained almost every law firm in the Netherlands, consultancy offices like McKinsey, more than 100 local governments, automatization businesses and more than 5.000 students to speed read and to memorize quickly.



  • Ministries
  • Provinces
  • Tribunals
  • European Commission
  • Island councils at Aruba, Bonaire and Sint Maarten
  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Entrepreneurial councils
  • Direction and management teams
  • Boards of management
  • Consultancy businesses
  • And as online masterclass to more than 1.600 participants among whom a lot of entrepreneurs, interim managers, coaches, lawyers, solicitors, consultants and trainers.

Become a Master in Speed Reading in 6 steps

1. Concentration

  • Concentration techniques that increase your understanding speed
  • Link between speed, concentration and understanding
  • Eliminating the first speed limiter.

2. Remembering and mind mapping

  • Maximise your short term memory
  • Activate your long-term memory so you memorize better
  • Digital mind mapping makes summarizing go 50% quicker

Speed Reading

3. Eliminating speed limiters

  • Stopping and re-reading
  • Mind mapping too elaborately
  • Subvocalizing (saying words out loud in your head) makes you read in a slower pace

4. Photographic reading

  • Increase speed while maintaining the understanding
  • Activate your photographic abilities and memorize better
  • Reading in word groups makes you understand quicker

5. Speed reading from a screen

  • Photographic reading from a screen so that you don’t miss any information
  • Speed reading software in order to use technology to read even faster
  • Turn your iPad, tablet or smartphone into a speed reading tool

6. Grasping the essence

  • Only read essential information so you can stop when your reading goal is achieved
  • Prioritizing information
  • Ways to scan while reading so that you easily find information

Programme & Investment


The incompany training Speed Reading takes one day from 09:00 till 16:00 o’clock.


Your investment will be € 325 excluding taxes per participant.

The minimum number of participants is 8 and the maximum is 12.

Do you want to talk it through with me?