instantly increase your reading speed and remember everything you read

whether you are a student, work with complex documents every day or have dyslexia - everyone becomes smarter, faster and more productive


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A new way of speed reading.

For the past 27 years,

I did more than 1,000 hours of research in speed reading and gave 30,000 live training hours to ministries, courts, the corporate sector and more than 100 law firms. I discovered a completely new way to instantly read faster and remember everything you read.

It doesn’t matter if you are a student, work with complex documents every day or have dyslexia – everyone will become smarter, faster and more productive from the tips you receive.

so you too can get started with my tips


I pass this knowledge on to you for free, in my webinar.

live, so you can ask questions.

During this exclusive webinar you will discover..

Why you too can read 2 to 4 times faster

Why you lose 40% time by unnecessary rereading.

How to get rid of slow reading

How to get the essence out of your book in 20 minutes

The concentration method of winners.

A memory method that lets you remember everything that you’ve read.

That evening I will teach you to crack the code of your brain with my unique 3-step method.

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Instantly increase your concentration with 9 super tips.

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For every 4 hours you read, save 1 hour of time.

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Unfortunately, no. A webinar is quite a happening. René in the webinar studio and 6 moderators live to answer all your questions. The times are chosen because most participants can attend then.

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The webinar is completely free of charge! We offer paid follow-up training, but we’ll tell you the main methods for free in the webinar.